Who We Are

Founded in 1998 UKL Company is a strong company with the ability to serve large scale projects. In order to maintain a strategic relationship with our clients upon which the company’s future is built, we are committed to constantly improve each project and provide cost effective solutions, quality, and professionalism

Logistic Services in support of the U.S. Civilian contractors with life support services, sponsorship, leased Vehicles, catering, lodging, transportation Service, office furniture, and many other special requirements

UKL Company is providing high standard of services including managing logistic operations, providing housing quality, as well as safeties 24/7 support.

The Quality of experience, equipment, human resources and information available to the company, puts it in a highly recommended and enables it to be a valuable asset to any foreign company planning to execute Logistic contracts

What We Do


UKL is delighted to offer many options for your accommodation leases services in a wide variety of sizes, locations, and facilities (swimming pool, security 24/7, GYM and much more) which we guarantee will accommodate your requirements and budget.


We provide you with the latest models in the car market to choose from it whatever suits you in the terms of your need and safety , Our services are not only limited to car rental, but also include maintenance, breakdowns and emergency services around the clock wherever you are within the borders of Kuwait.


From now on you don't have to be worried about coming back to Kuwait because we will be there for you at the airport to help you with everything you need (UPON REQUIST)


UKL provides all administrative support needed to legalize your employees for residency vii..' IH Kuwait enabling the employee to work legally ensuring mission success

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Why United Kuwait Land

  • UKL is not just another logistic services co, but we do more than that, we propel ambitions. This means that either you manage a small business or an enterprise, we have the expertise in GCC network and stability you need to improve your business
  • We’re here for you 24/7 around the clock no matter what was your emergency you will find us Accident full support service (police stations, car breakdown and hospitals if needed) accommodation (fire, water flooding,
  • UKL provides all governmental services in the best quality & the fastest way to save our clients time & money.

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